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NEW 40 Round CHINESE AK 47 / MAK 90 MAGAZINE Clip. This auction is for a brand new original AK 40 round x39 rifle magazine. This mag was made .
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It did take a little filing on the back, but as they are plastic, it was easy. I think pretty much any other mag will require some type of modification to work in the Norinco. Thanks for the replies. Are these 40 round mags?

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Will they hold more of the skinnier 5. When you have the time, I would appreciate it.

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The AK mag that I have, will fit into the mag well with no problem. It will not feed in its present unmodified state. I can see where the 5. The "bump" appears to be the red plastic. I don't have any Bulgy waffle mags. I snagged a polytech on another board last week.

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Find More Posts by robert ibe. The drum you posted the link to is a Chinese AK drum for 7.

MAK-90 AK Rifle: Disassembly & Shooting

I don't know whether he would have come down or not. Packrat did you go all the way to the bottom photo in the link. It shows a 7. The one I bought is an exact copy of the one on the link and 7. The mag I have holds 6 rounds of in 11 of the 13 bays and 4 rounds in each of the other 2 around the mag. I believe the 7. I should have a 7. By the way I,ve looked the drum over and there are no markings of any kind. You're right; I saw what I expected, and didn't read the text. It's too bad that more of these weren't imported. I think cdnn has the 15 rounders.

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RPB sells some 5. These modifications were intended to make them useable for 5. You can get them for cheap I ordered a few, but have yet to try them.

December 12, 2012

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AK47 MAK-90

They may show a little surface wear from being shipped or stored together. They are pre-ban clips , as all Chinese AK mags stopped coming into the country long before the assault weapon ban started. These are quality original mags, and RARE! Check your local firearm laws - Do not bid on this item if it is not legal in your state, county, or city!

It is the buyers responsibility to conform to all laws pertaining to use or possession of this item.

iMovie for Mac: Rotate a clip

By bidding on this item, you agree that you take full responsibility for the use of this item and release the seller from any and all liability. I will email you the tracking number when the item is shipped. Insurance is optional, cost is actual USPS cost, and is based on the total dollar value shipped.